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In my life coaching sessions, I support you cope with life-changing circumstances so you can transform self-doubt into self-mastery.


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Your Benefits When Life Coaching With Me

Transform Yourself Into a Brighter Version of You With Transformational Life Coaching

Gain Confidence

Increase your self-belief so you can make a long-lasting transformation

Get Support

Have someone by your side to encourage and uplift you so you never feel alone again.

Push Past Tough Times

Persevere through hard times with an advisor to lean on.

Achieve Your Goals in Life & Work

Gain clarity on your goals and accomplish them faster.

Find Your Purpose Again

Reconnect to your true self and create an impact on society.

Ignite Your Motivation

Get inspired to climb up and refuel your passion.

I offer an equal partnership and safe space where you confidentl transform self-doubt into self-mastery.

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What’s a Life Coach?
And Is It For Me?

You’re going through something tough right now. You’re yearning for a change from the mental torment life has thrown at you. 

Maybe right now, you feel…

This is where life coaching can change everything. When you partner with a life coach, you get support from someone who genuinely cares and wants to see you thrive.


I give my clients a safe and confidential space with no judgment. I’ll help you reach your highest potential so you can get back to living a life you love.

With life coaching, you can expect to get back on your path, achieve your goals, and  feel the joy that makes you unstoppable. I’ve seen firsthand the impact of transforming self-doubt into “oh my, I did it.

And now, it’s your turn to feel that transformation.

Welcome to Life Coach Helen (LCH)

The place where men and women shift the way they see themselves and navigate toward a brand new brighter vision of self-love. As a professional life coach based out of Uganda, Antwerp in Belgium I offer three options to work with me:

Are you ready to finally get the support you need to make some well-deserved changes in your life? I get it. I’ve had some rough moments in my life too. The feeling of shame engulfed me every time I thought about how my life was unfolding.


It wasn’t until I told my client (who I was helping cope with a long-term diagnosis) not just to survive but to live. That was my Aha! moment. I realized I needed to take my own advice. I knew I deserved a life worth living.

I needed a new perspective from an objective point of view. So I turned to a life coach. And I never looked back. Needless to say, here I am, living the life I deserve!

The decision to seek out an independent mind and listening ear of a life coach is one of the best steps I’ve ever made for myself. I realized that beneath the strong, surviving, jolly woman were undiscovered layers impacting my life course without me being in charge. I’m glad to announce I’m now living a life of daily self-mastery.

And I can help you become the master of your life too.

Individual Life Coaching

Personalized options to better suit your needs

In-Person Coaching

Online Coaching

Walking Coaching

Whether you’re coping with a life-changing circumstance like:

→ Working a job that barely feeds you while having an unhealthy work-life balance.

→ Being uprooted from your country and wondering when is your time for a breakthrough.

→ Recently becoming an expatriate and needing guidance fitting in with the others around you.

→ Struggling with the balance of parenthood and happiness and ready for betterment. 

Or any other life barriers you find yourself going through – I’m here for you.

You deserve a life of fulfillment, ease, and joy. And that life is not far within reach. Getting support may be the next best step for you.

I focus on customizing a unique coaching path for each client so you can get the most effective results. And I don’t require multiple life coaching sessions for those that don’t feel they need them.

Are you ready to talk through your situation?

Book a free consultation, and we’ll get through this together.

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