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I’m Helen of LCH. As a life coach, I show men and women how to live happier, more fulfilling lives so they can be the best version of themselves.

My Mission

To support you in making a positive difference in your life, no matter what hardships you come across.

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What to expect from a life coach

Whether you’ve had experience with a life coach or not, you’re probably wondering what you can expect going into this.
While every life coach is different, and everyone has a unique approach – when you coach with me, you get support and accountability to help you:


Gain higher self-confidence

You’ll leave each session with a more positive mindset about yourself so you can start to discover true self-love


Push past tough emotional and psychological challenges

Gone through some hard times in your life? I’m here to support you and help you cope with whatever setbacks life has thrown at you.


Get motivated and move closer to your life goals

I’ll be your biggest supporter when it comes to reaching your goals. From your weekly goals to your overall vision, I’m here to make sure you are moving forward with fast intentions.


Take you from where you are to where you want to be

I’ll help you map out where you want to go in life and find your purpose. Your goals and dreams are on the other side of the hump. Let’s climb above it.


Get out of your own head

Let’s take away uncertainty and discouragement and give you feelings of assurance and optimism. 

If you want to learn more about how a life coach can help you, check out my coaching page.

My life experience shapes my coaching

I use my professional knowledge and my lived experience to get my clients back to a life of joy and fulfillment. Even if they don’t believe in their own capabilities.

Whether you want help from an online life coach or an in-person life coach

The moments I am in Uganda I can meet people in person in – Mbarara and Isingiro Districts as well as in Kampala and its surrounds.

Currently in-person is only possible in Antwerp Belgium and if you wish in other parts of Belgium an extra fee is charged.

Regarding my clients in Uganda and elsewhere the online life coaching is equally effective. I’m here for you.

Friends and family say I am joyful, happy, caring, hopeful, and inspiring despite the challenges I’ve faced and sometimes continue to face. Tapping into the lived experience, you, too, as an expert in your life, can face your challenges and be victorious.

Doubt no more! You now have a new listening ear at the end of your conversation to achieve the self-mastery I know is possible for you.

All it takes is some accountability. Something I’ve helped others achieve, including myself.

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had my ups but most certainly sometimes had my downs.

Life is sure to throw obstacles at your feet.

And let me tell you, every obstacle you could possibly think of has been thrown at me.

I was born healthy with all functioning limbs. So, you could say I’m lucky in that sense. But at the age of 25, something happened…

I faced my first life-changing challenge, and now I walk with crutches carrying over 35 screws in my left leg and foot. It was a major life transition I never expected. From a skimpy jolly woman I am a life long use of crutches.

Despite being minimally disabled and in pain, I married my best friend – the most loving, caring, committed, and selfless husband I could ever dream of. We later had our beautiful son together and were on our way to blessing him with a sibling.

Hold on, tough as my life is, this remarkable man passed away in an accident hardly two years into our marriage.

Here I was, at the tender age of 27. Alone. On crutches. With a 15-month-old baby and three months pregnant with another (who I later lost through the impact of my surroundings).

But the bittersweetness of life was not done with me yet… Nope.

I was uprooted leaving behind my familiar surroundings of family, friends, social networks, and, most of all, my 6-year-old son. I tasted the wrath of homelessness,  family separation, and employability and did not see my son for five years!

Did I cry? Oh, yes.

Did I wonder how will I ever walk among the living and feel alive again? Definitely.

Did I abandon my dreams, lose self-confidence, and doubt my abilities? Of course!

But through all the tough times, I would remember what my late husband used to say every time I felt down, “when the going gets tough, you, my darling Helen, have to get going.

As your life coach, I share what this means with each of my clients. Because when the going gets tough, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

So the time for you is now to walk with a life coach with lived experience as well as professional experience

And I have your back every step of the way.

My Professional Credits

I have learned and lived experiences that I share with each client. But I’ve also worked as a support worker for over 19 years giving one-on-one and group support and training. Here’s a little more about what I currently do:

Member of organizations dedicated to making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Volunteer at the Belgian Red Cross Flanders, demonstrating the Red Cross’s

activities in the tracing of separated families.

Recipient of the 2021 CAVARIA Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of my work in promoting Diversity, Gender, and Social Cohesion.



✨ International Coach Federation Certificates (ICF)

✨ Sex Counseling

✨ Masters of Arts, Migration Studies, University of Kent

✨ MSc, Public Health-Health Promotion, Leeds Beckett University

✨ Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), Makerere University, Uganda

✨ Administrative and Secretarial Skills, Uganda College of Commerce, Uganda

Genuine Facts About Me

My family is everything to me.

I value the friendships in my life.

Honesty is crucial to me.

I am a spiritual person.

Unlock Your Potential

Are you ready to learn more about how I can guide your life to create more impact, fulfillment, and joy? Let’s talk and find out if life coaching is the right next step for you.

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